Glass of Champagne in the mouth of the river

We’ll start our tour at the meeting point in Infante (St. Francis squareand follow the right bank through Miragaia, Massarelos and the Arrábida Bridge, always following the sunset to the river mouth at Foz. Here, under the protection of St. Miguel-the-Angel lighthouse we’ll stop close to the tide gauge where we’ll serve our passengers a flute of Champagne to enjoy quietly holding these special moments in memory. Only then after a special and unforgettable celebration of both we return by the same route to the starting point.

25€ / pax — Time spent ~ 75’ *minimum 2 pax

Your own program

We are open to any your suggestions. Contact us, and expose your request. Depending on our availability, we will be gratefull to make it happen.

40€ / h *minimum 2 pax