About us

We are a touristic enterprise company that offers guided tours on rickshaw in the city of Porto. We offer exclusivity, distinction, comfort and glamour.
Our mission is to present our city, its architectural heritage, historical and cultural at a leisurely pace and a close way to its people, providing unique moments together. We believe in environmental values of sustainability using clean vehicles and we would like to re-launch the discussion on environmentally friendly alternatives to urban transport and its dependence on fossil fuels. Our fleet consists of four vehicles assisted by electric motor with removable canopy, location of two passengers and a very classic image.


Our mission

We have a great pride and even vanity in the city that saw our birth and snuggled in as we grow. Our mission is to present our beautiful city, its vast historical and architectural heritage, their legends and stories, their native, simple, brave and welcoming. To do it we believe it takes time, so we’ve chosen a mean of transport slow, classic and ecological. Environmental values are another of our concerns and weighed heavily on the choices we made